There Is No Substitute For Seeing Our Product In Action

Testing, Testing… When It Comes to Analysis and Understanding How Our Parts Perform: We Are Relentless!

Our in-house ASTM 133—the same machine used by customers —checks wear and volume change under simulated real-world conditions, including accurate temperatures. We also test hardness under varying temperatures, wear performance via plint testing (especially related to the pairing of alloys between our parts and other component parts in the engine), electron microscope analysis to look at the integrity and consistent solidification of alloys to identify and reduce/eliminate porosity and micro-structure anomalies.

Our technological and analytical capabilities include a brand new state-of-the-art metrology laboratory enabling us to perform complete dimensional analysis and our in-house metallurgical laboratory provides for complete metallurgical testing, including spectrochemical analysis, metallographic examination, and comprehensive mechanical analysis of raw materials and alloys.

L.E. Jones’ engineers rely on technology and experience to establish and test tolerances for all aspects of our valve seat insert products. We can also advise on the best gauging practices and tolerances for your particular situation.


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