We Take R&D Seriously

LEJ Has Many Patented Alloys & Processes.

We spend considerable time and money based on our unique knowledge of global engine, fuel, corrosion, and performance trends to invest in developing futuristic materials and alloys in advance of customer needs. We have a lengthy list of patented materials and proprietary technical processes and we cover all areas of metallurgical need – cast, powder metal, centrifugal, welded, etc.

We take science and manufacturing technology seriously. We invest millions every year into machines for making and testing parts and to understanding the most effective and efficient ways to produce parts from ever harder alloys to ever-tightening tolerance standards.

We take engineering, engine design advice, and test part analysis and reporting seriously. We fully support customers with new engines and new applications with a specifically designated sample cell center and engineering and staff to assist with initial parts created for engine testing – dyno, field, other. Then, we assist with the review of parts post-test to analyze and confirm results. All of this we do in support of our customers.

WelcomeTo Our New & Improved Website.

We specifically designed this site to be immersive and interactive as to your needs for information.  We realize that you’ve come to our site for a specific reason(s).  We want you to be in the driver’s seat to find what you need. Instead of the typical website you might see from our competitors or from other global OEM component makers, we re-imagined this site from your point of view.  We packaged information based on typical customer investigations and created hyperlinks to provide you with the most flexibility to get to what you need to know.  The scaffolding we built around known areas of interest and needs allow for quick movement in and around connected topics.  We hope your search is productive.  And, if you see something you think would make our site function even better, then email me directly (below):