We Are Follow-Through Experts!

Customers Rely On Our History of Service Excellence and Our Unparalleled Knowledge and Advice.

We take quality seriously and any issues that come up for a customer are given high and immediate priority to determine the issue, fix the issue, and then determine if any process or training needs are required at the company.

We take shipping and on-time delivery seriously—it doesn’t matter how good the product is if it doesn’t arrive ready to use and on time. We bar code all orders (to AIAG specifications) and ship directly to both domestic and international destinations. We can also provide specific part marking to meet customer utilization and tracking needs.

Our engineers, sales team, and technicians keep in close contact with our clients to confirm delivery and monitor performance.

WelcomeTo Our New & Improved Website.

We specifically designed this site to be immersive and interactive as to your needs for information.  We realize that you’ve come to our site for a specific reason(s).  We want you to be in the driver’s seat to find what you need. Instead of the typical website you might see from our competitors or from other global OEM component makers, we re-imagined this site from your point of view.  We packaged information based on typical customer investigations and created hyperlinks to provide you with the most flexibility to get to what you need to know.  The scaffolding we built around known areas of interest and needs allow for quick movement in and around connected topics.  We hope your search is productive.  And, if you see something you think would make our site function even better, then email me directly (below):