Our Commitment To Quality Manufacturing Never Ends

Committed To Unbelievable Quality In Every Part We Make.

While we’re pleased with industry certifications and award-winning customer recognition, we are most proud of ultra-low PPM and the unrivaled quality in the parts we make for global OEM customers. Our commitment to R&D, science, and technology deployed via proprietary processes we have developed and continue to refine along with highly trained personnel are what makes this level of quality possible!

From the initial PPAP and any appropriate ECNs or PCNs to in-depth quality control plans, patented materials we deeply understand, pre-production alloy testing, and real-time data analysis… to a variety of final non-destructive tests including resonant inspection, computerized camera measurement and analysis, and visual inspections, eddy current testing, and liquid penetrant inspection… L.E. Jones ensures that our products are ready to support the most demanding engine applications.

Our multi-decade reputation for quality and service has forged a strong bond between L.E. Jones and our customers. Many have granted us ship-to-use status—meaning they feel confident using our parts without additional testing. The majority of our manufacturing is for parts that are pre-finished and directly placed into engines without any further machining or inspection.

For further convenience and in-bound logistical specifics at various plants around the globe, L.E. Jones routinely bar codes, laser etches, and/or colorizes parts to assist our customers with inventory control.

Completed parts are packaged according to customer preference, bulk packed, or in sleeves. We ship on our customers’ schedules; often just in time for production to reduce on-hand inventory costs.

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