Last month, TV 6 visited L.E. Jones to feature the company in their weekly, “What Works in the UP” feature.

MENOMINEE — Its employees call it one of Menominee’s best-kept secrets. Since 1941, L.E. Jones has been making heavy-duty engine parts for big-name companies all over the world. Their valve seat inserts can be found in Caterpillar, Volvo, and Dodge Ram diesel engines, to name a few.

“We probably have about 700 part numbers that we make” said Daniel Ward, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “There are about 40 of those that are high volume and we will ship about 30 million pieces out of here this year.”

This year, L.E. Jones will bring in about 50 million dollars in revenue. 300 employees assist in the process from start to finish.

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