We Don't Back Down From Tough Tasks.

L.E. Jones’ Precision Machining Expertise And Facilities Are Unparalleled.

Our precision machining process and unmatched manufacturing capabilities make us the world leader.

We are the world’s only manufacturer to machine wear-resistant alloys up to a hardness of HRC 65—the hardest in the industry—in normal production. These alloys stand up to the most demanding applications.

And the L.E. Jones technical and maintenance team not only supports our production equipment but also designs and builds proprietary equipment to meet specific customer needs.

At the start of our precision machining process, double-disk grinders machine both outside surfaces of an insert to control width, flatness, and surface finish, while centerless grinders machine the outside diameter. Depending on the complexity of the design, CNC-driven lathes are used to impart the remaining features, such as the radius and the lead chamfer on a new insert.

L.E. Jones is the worldwide leader in prefinished valve seat inserts. On our prefinished inserts, the seat surfaces are machined to very tight tolerances so no customer machining is necessary. These inserts are ready to press into the cylinder head, form a tight seal with the valve, and be used in production, saving our customers significant time and money.

Throughout machining, our statistical process control system offers data measurement and analysis in real-time. By staying within calculated control limits, we’re constantly qualifying the inserts even during manufacturing.

To maximize efficiency and ensure the highest degree of quality control, the machining process for each of our unique valve seat insert products takes place entirely within its dedicated manufacturing cell.

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