Meeting The Needs of Large Customers Around The World

L.E. Jones’ precise, efficient foundry operations are second to none!

Our proven foundry casting process raises the quality of the precision parts we make.  We have proprietary capabilities in cast, powder metal, and welded parts, in high volumes to exacting standards for metallurgical consistency.

Most parts we make are from cast materials given the need for greater performance in metals as engines run hotter with higher pressures.  Because our resin-bonded shell mold process is a near-net-shape process, only minimal machining is needed.  This can rival machining expectations associated with powder metal blanks.  In fact, some of our part surfaces can be used “as cast” without further machining. That equates to significant cost savings for our customers.

Our fully automated molding process ensures maximum capacity and efficiency. Foundry sand, some of which is customer crafted by our company specifically for our needs, is tightly controlled and we use only the amount needed to create the molds, recovering, and reusing excess. This means safer, faster, and less wasteful mold production with controlled material costs.

Before the first mold is filled, we conduct spectrochemical tests to assure proper metal composition. Our dual spectrometers and furnaces allow us to cast up to 6,000 pieces every 45 minutes, meeting the volume needs of the largest customers around the world.

After the furnace, the cooled and cleaned castings are sent through our in-plant heat-treat facility to harden and temper the new parts prior to machining.

Through our entire foundry casting process, quality and safety are paramount. From precise casting to the making of powder metal blanks, to the welding of specialty powders on PTA surfaces on through extensive testing, investments in safety systems and training, and more, the professionals at L.E. Jones maintain the highest quality with the safest possible working environment.

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