Quality And Efficiency Increases With Product Familiarity

Quality And Efficiency Increases With Product Familiarity and Volume.

While we make many different types of component parts, we focus on making the world’s finest precision valve seat inserts.

We produce approximately 700 different types of precision inserts and other parts, almost all with unique alloy compositions, distinctive specifications, and extremely tight tolerances. Many of our products may look similar, but they require a distinct expertise and skill set which can only be gained through our patented alloys and process, proprietary training, time, and hands-on experience.

All of this ensures that each and every part we make meets both our and our customer’s exacting standards.

In L.E. Jones’s cellular manufacturing structure, final machining, testing, and packaging are completed entirely within a dedicated cell. Cells are divided by the customer and each individual cell handles one specific product or family of products for a customer. Cellular manufacturing means equipment can be dedicated to just one task and personnel can attend to just one product. This allows our manufacturing team to develop a unique experience working on a specific product, control costs, and ensure top quality even as millions of pieces are made.

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