Mission Statement

L. E. Jones Company develops and produces one thing: precision valve seat inserts for the world’s premier engine manufacturers. Our customer’s needs are met through enhanced process technology, focused product support and capacity management, dedicated associates and on time delivery.




We welcome tough manufacturing challenges. Our skilled, efficient foundry operation’s resin-bonded shell mold process results in cost effective near-net shape valve seats. Then our precision machining, exacting tolerance testing, and packaging take place within dedicated manufacturing cells to maximize efficiency and ensure the highest degree of quality.

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We invest in people and technologies that allow us to take advantage of advanced engineering. We’re proud to employ innovative metallurgists and engineers; our team currently holds a combined twelve U.S. & Chinese patents as well as numerous patents in other jurisdictions around the world. State-of the-art metallurgy, metrology, spectochemical analysis, real world simulation—and exceptional design and manufacturing capabilities—help us produce the world’s finest valve seat inserts for many of the world's best engine and truck makers. 

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Grounded in a global understanding...

Around the world, engine and truck makers face a fierce reality of ever-changing regulatory and environmental requirements coupled with intensified end-customer demands driven by the need for greater performance and lower cost. The volatile economic environment of the past several years, combined with erratic swings in order volumes, have made it challenging to predict future volumes and ideal inventories. 

The best engine and truck makers face these challenges with innovative designs and by fostering true partnerships with top-flight suppliers. L.E. Jones is just such a partner to many of the world’s greatest engine and truck makers. Why? Because L.E. Jones is able to quickly adapt in assisting with engine design parameters and testing, materials technology, production capability, capacity management (up and down) and assisted just in time inventory management and shipping. L.E. Jones is a vital partner in our customers’ success—minimizing costs and providing enhanced service well beyond supplying parts.

We are honored by our customer relationships. We know the issues they face and consider it our job to help them thrive while overcoming simultaneous challenges in multiple markets.

Precision valve seat inserts are all we do…

For the world’s finest valve seat inserts, the global engine community looks to the L.E. Jones Company, because we simply do it better than anyone else. Our long history of excellence and leadership has earned us a respected position within the global engine manufacturing community. Since 1941 L.E. Jones has produced valve seat inserts for the world’s premier engine manufacturers at our production facility in Menominee, Michigan. Today we have an additional, brand new, state-of the-art manufacturing operation in China to support our global customers.  

Quality must be our top priority…

Valve seat inserts are an essential and critical engine component and must be manufactured to meet exceedingly tight tolerances and function flawlessly. Engine manufacturers trust L.E. Jones and have honored us, and our exceptional product, with numerous awards for quality and service.  L.E. Jones has a culture committed to quality and that is why we have ultra-low PPM rates having produced over 700 million inserts over the years.